Nights of the Blood Moon

ACT 1 - Scene 5

A Sailor's Life For Me

Vex and Gisbert run into one another as Vex is heading back to inform the commander of Fort Graveth that the alleged pirate Baron Rolf has been captured. The commander listens to the little gnomes and sends ten well-trained soldier back with Vex and Gisbert to retrieve the captured pirates.

Once to the pirate hideout, the commanders royal soldiers take full control of the situation and reclaim the caravel, as it is a stolen vessel from the Royal Guard’s fleet. Gort tries to resist, with hopes of keeping the ship, but without avail. The soldiers are too powerful and overwhelm to be resisted.

The commander awards each member of the group 100 gold, as promised, for capturing the pirates and tacks on an additional 200 gold (each) for safely returning the caravel. Arrangements are also made that allow the group to sail with the military across the sea heading North to Faerun.

Sailing across the sea was rather uneventful, but not easy. The sea was fierce throughout the journey causing the group to become very sea sick. During the trip, it was actually Noz Snowbeard that provided you with quarter. You have now come to learn that Noz is an officer of the Royal Guard and has been assigned the task of escorting the captive pirates, and your group to Waterdeep of the Sword Coast. Noz informs you to go to the Palace of Justice once in Waterdeep, that you have been summoned due to your assistance in the capture of pirate Rolf and will be handsomely rewarded.



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