Nights of the Blood Moon

ACT 2 - Scene 1

Odd Bedfellows

You and your group land in the Great Harbor Docks of Waterdeep where you are greeted by Griswold Hutch the docks gatekeeper. You pay for entry into town and Griswold gives you a map and let’s you know where the Golden Harp Inn and Tavern is to rest. You group is sea sick from the journey and you decide to head to the tavern for drinks, a hot meal and to rest. Upon, entering the tavern you are greated by Madam Cassandra and she showcases her finest whores to your group. Bort decides to grab a her, literally, and adorns her to his shoulder while grabbing some drinks. The rest of the lot grab drinks and food at the bar and then is disturbed by a belligerent drunk half-orc looking to contest Bort in a drinking contest. Bort and Gort both drink the drunkered under the table, afterwards Bort heads upstairs to lay his whore. He performed so well in bed, the girl becomes emotional and discloses information that girls have been disappearing from the brothel. She begins to weep as she confesses that a dear friend of hers went to the mansion on the south side of town and has never returned.

Meanwhile, Gisbert and Vex over-hear a pair of wealthy-looking men talk about heading to the mansion later to commit heinous crimes untold. The only clue is that one man ominously say’s “…Keep her warm-bodied until I get there, it will be one to remember!”, before leaving the tavern and vanishing in the meandering city streets.

Gisbert wanders outside the tavern where he finds a little girl weeping. When approached the girl asks Gisbert if he has seen her mother. Just then Madam Cassandra interjects and sends the girl to her room in the tavern and tells Gisbert to look elsewhere for entertainment. Gisbert begins to question Madam Cassandra about the missing mother and girls. Madam Cassandra denies having any knowledge of such things then promptly asks Gisbert and the group to leave the inn, claiming they must be hammered drunk and to come back when they are looking for a proper lay.

The party leaves the tavern promptly due to Bort becoming enraged at the whores story of her missing friend. He leads the group to the mayor’s mansion in the south side of town. The house is almost like a small castle with stone walls, parapets and an immoveable iron gate. Bort, still angry, begins to bang the gate with his flail hammer and creates a loud commotion. A dozen or more guards from the mansion quickly emerge and swarm around and apprehends the group.

The group is then escorted in shackles to the Palace of Justice in front of Archduke Octavius Fyodor to be charged of trespassing and disturbing the peace. Luckily, Noz Snowbeard is there and informs the Archduke that it is your group that helped to capture pirate Rolf and return a stolen vessel to the royal fleet. Due to this, the Archduke extends an offer to bring the group into the Royal Guard and task them to find the missing Prince Alexander. The group nearly accepts the offer but right before being sworn in, Bort has another idea in mind. He refused to swear alligence to the House of Grey. The Archduke, infuriated, instead revokes his offer and imprisions the group for their insolence and failure to comply.

Your group is stripped entirely of all its belongings and thrown into a prison cell. To your surpise, the pirate “Captain” Baron Rolf is in the cell with you, and so is an thiefish elf named Acheron, due to the misfortune of recently being caught stealing. Rolf begins to negotiate with Gort and claims to know how to escape the prison, return the party their affects and how to get the hell out of Waterdeep by cashing in a favor owed to him by a man in the Old Fishery. He reveals a lockpick that he managed to smuggle into the prison cell and tosses it to Acheron. Acheron skillfully unlocks the cells but not without being noticed by two cell guards. The guards rush into the cell and begin fighting the group. Everyone bands together, your party, the captain and Acheron to fight against the cell guards. Vex creates weapons from wooden table legs and Gort and Bort stand their ground. Acheron out of nowhere impressively kills a guard by launching the lockpick into one of the guards skulls via the eyesocket – an AMAZING shot! The group then make rather short work of the remaining guard but unfortunately not in quiet fashion, as the dying guard manages to cry out for backup.

Were other guards alarmed of the fight? A question yet to be answered…



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