Nights of the Blood Moon

ACT I - Scene 2

The Climb

After a day journey west, you and your group make it to the base of Glufehr mountain and decide to make the climb.

On the way up, you and your comrades discover sticky gooey webbing that surrounds the mountain path. Bort stirs a monstrous spider hiding in the webbing by lighting the webs on fire with five large torches. The spider initially turned aggressive ready to feed on Borts face, but Vex calmly charmed and coaxed the spider into being docile towards the party. The commotion alarms a gang of hobgoblins and bugbears that have claimed dominion over the mountain trails.

Gort kills several hobgoblins and pushed a few of them back into the mountain but was shot in the shoulder and sustained a serious wound. Unlike the hobgoblins, the bugbears were not in the mood to flee about. Two bugbears charged in quick and attacked Bort, the half-orc, knocking him unconscious, bleeding and hanging to life by a thread.

Suddenly, in a crucial moment, Gisbert dashes into the middle of the action and color sprays the bugbears knocking them both unconscious. Gort continues to engage the fleeing hobgoblins as Gisbert and Vex make short work of the bugbears by slicing and stabbing their throats.

But, just when it seems that your group has overcome certain death, another monstrous spider appears on the ledges above you; it had been drawn out by the smell of fresh blood. With the team’s front line badly wounded, and very little resources you realize this could be the end for you.

Or is it? … … …



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